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7 Benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada

Canada is becoming a popular destination for immigrants around the world. The country’s annual immigration statistics reveal an increase in the number of people immigrating to Canada each year. There are many reasons why millions of immigrants choose to obtain Canadian permanent resident status every year. These include the country’s friendly immigration policies, growing economy, and forthcoming nature.

The Canadian government offers numerous career opportunities and a liberal government. Canadians are some of the most forthcoming people you can come across. Many immigrants choose to immigrate to Canada for attractive job prospects later transitioning to the Canada Permanent Resident status through their Work Visa.

The many benefits of being a Permanent Resident in Canada are what attract millions of immigrants to file a PR application every year. It is worth obtaining PR status in Canada, regardless of your objectives. You could like to do so for settling permanently, work, or for a brighter future for your family.

Here are the top 7 benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Canada:

1. Social Services, Healthcare, and Education

Canada is a country with a high level of investment in education. It boasts some of the best universities in the world, including that Toronto University, British Columbia University, and others. Education is governed by provincial governments, who are allowed autonomy to manage their education system and curriculum as they see fit.

The Canadian government provides free public education up to the age of twenty. Several social services are offered to residents, who may differ provincially, and are highly beneficial to everyone. The Public Healthcare system in Canada is ranked amongst the best globally. It is always advisable to have unrestricted access to world-class healthcare services irrespective of your view on their necessity.

The Canadian economy offers several benefits to new migrants, helping them adjust to life in a multicultural society. Housing benefits and employee benefits are just two examples of how the Canadian government helps its citizens assimilate into their new homes.

2. You are allowed to live and work anywhere in Canada

Most Work Visas are specific to the employer. If you wish to shift employers and jobs, you must apply for a fresh Work Visa. You are free to reside and work in Canada anywhere after you obtain the status of Permanent Resident.

The PNPs – Provincial Nomination Program allows you to live and work in the province that nominates you. After you obtain the Permanent Resident status, this is for a fixed duration of 12 months—a fair requirement given that later you can stay anywhere in Canada.

3. Facilitated travel to and from any international location in Canada

If you plan to take up a weekend trip to Las Vegas or New York, you can cross borders easily with your Permanent Resident status in Canada. You can travel from Canada to several nations across the world and vice versa. The Passport of Canada is ranked highly across the globe, being ranked as the 9th Best Passport in 2020. You can travel to 183 countries without having to apply for visas or have any restrictions placed on your stay.

4. You cannot have your Canada Permanent Resident status removed without a compelling reason

If you have satisfied the requirements for residency and your application for permanent residence has been approved, Canada will not revoke your status without due cause. If you have committed a serious crime or violated the conditions of your stay in Canada, your permanent resident status may be withdrawn. After 5 years of continuous residency in Canada, you can apply to remain as a permanent resident.

5. You can later apply to become a Canadian citizen

Being a Permanent Resident in Canada also qualifies you to apply for Canadian citizenship. You must have held permanent resident status for five years and have spent at least three of these five years living in Canada. This qualifies you to take the citizenship test. If you are successful, you will be granted Canadian citizenship.

6. You become eligible to sponsor family members

You can sponsor your Spouse or Common-law-partner and children for Canada PR status if you file an application for becoming a Permanent Resident. You do not need to rely on Work Visas or Spouse Visas to obtain Permanent Resident status. If you have already obtained Permanent Resident status and get into a relationship with a non-PR Status individual, you can sponsor them too after proving the recognized relationship.

7. The ability to start a business in Canada

If you obtain permanent resident status, you have also termed a landed immigrant. You have the freedom to lawfully start a business or enterprise after immigrating to Canada. Your options include investing in a franchise or starting a new enterprise in a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership.

Permanent Resident Pathways in Canada

To obtain Permanent Resident status, you must apply through a recognized Canada Immigration Program. Several immigration programs are present that cater to diverse categories of applicants like students, workers, or family class.

The Federal Immigration Programs have many streams, the most prominent among them being the Express Entry System. It includes three categories of economic immigration streams, all of which manage PR applications for economic class immigrants and offer PR in as little as six months. Family members can be included in the primary applicant’s PR application.

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