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Immigration Litigation

Immigration Litigation: Protecting Your Rights and Resolving Complex Immigration Issues

Welcome to Cougar Immigration, your trusted partner in immigration litigation. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers is here to provide expert representation and legal solutions for a wide range of immigration issues. Whether you are facing a visa refusal, residency disputes, or other complex immigration matters, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

Comprehensive Legal Support:

At Cougar Immigration, we understand the complexities of immigration law and the challenges that individuals and families may encounter. Our knowledgeable lawyers will carefully analyze your situation, assess the legal options available, and develop a tailored strategy to address your specific needs. We provide comprehensive legal support to navigate the intricacies of immigration litigation.

Expert Representation in Court:

When necessary, we are prepared to represent you in court proceedings related to immigration matters. Our skilled litigators have extensive experience advocating for clients before immigration tribunals and courts. We will present your case effectively, providing strong legal arguments and supporting evidence to protect your rights and achieve a favorable resolution.

Resolving Complex Immigration Issues:

Immigration litigation covers a broad spectrum of issues, including visa denials, removal orders, admissibility concerns, refugee claims, and more. Our team is well-versed in these complex matters and will work diligently to resolve them. We will guide you through the entire litigation process, providing clear explanations, answering your questions, and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

In addition to traditional litigation, we also explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and mediation, to resolve immigration disputes efficiently and amicably. Our goal is to find the most effective and cost-efficient approach for your case, always prioritizing your best interests and seeking a favorable outcome.

Compassionate Guidance:

We understand that immigration issues can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we provide compassionate guidance and support throughout the litigation process. Our team will listen to your concerns, address your unique needs, and provide personalized attention to ensure you feel supported and empowered during this challenging time.

Immigration Litigation

Refused or Denied Entry to Canada

We know how frustrating it can be when you have been refused or denied a visa or admission to Canada. Every day, immigration authorities receive applications for permanent residence, visitor’s visas, work permits, TRP’s, study permits, etc. Not all applications are accepted. Also, Canada receives travelers from all over the world by air, or by a private or commercial vehicle. Some are denied entry even though they may have already been to Canada many times before. Fortunately, you have options.

Sometimes, we can resolve these matters informally with the immigration officer handling the matter. On other occasions, we can help our clients by simply applying again with better-supporting documentation and a better explanation as to why you comply with all legal requirements. Sometimes, there is no other way to solve the problem other than through a legal challenge.

Fortunately, almost any decision made by immigration officials can be challenged either in the Federal Court of Canada or at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). Our team of litigation lawyers can help assemble the relevant facts of your case and determine if the process that was used to refuse the application was fair. Then we can prepare the appropriate proceeding to get you the desired results. When it comes to challenging refusals and removals, timing is everything. The timing for submitting applications to appeal or review a decision is time-limited. It is extremely important to appeal or judicially review an application within the time limits allowed by law. As soon as you become aware of a negative decision please contact us at once to make sure that your right to a fair result does not expire.

Contact Cougar Immigration:

If you require immigration litigation services, contact Cougar Immigration today for a consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, resolving complex immigration issues, and providing you with expert representation throughout the litigation process. Trust us to advocate for your best interests and help you overcome legal hurdles in your immigration journey.

Frequently asked questions about denied entry

How do you know if you are eligible for a judicial review for your immigration application?

All decisions made by Federal officials may be reviewed in Federal Court. There are special rules which have been established for citizenship and immigration decisions. Essentially, every immigration action is subject to a judicial review by the court.

The only scenario where a person may not have a right to judicial review is where they have a right to appeal the decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), which is a far more fulsome and involved process.

Is there any specific time frame for Judicial review?

If it is in a case of a decision made by an officer from within Canada, a notice of the application must be received by Federal Court no later than 15 days from the day on which you received the decision.

For an application made outside of Canada, the limitation date is 60 days. Applications for judicial review of decisions made by citizenship judges must be filed with the court no later than 30 days from the day on which the decision was received.

Can any additional documentation be submitted before the final decision is made?

No, you may not. Applications for judicial review are considered based only on the material that was before the officer rendering the decision. Although there are limited circumstances where new evidence may be admissible in court, generally speaking, only the evidence that was before the officer may be considered.

Only members of a provincial or territorial Law Society have standing to represent their clients in Federal Court. This means that immigration consultants or other representatives may not act on your behalf before a Federal Court judge.


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