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Inadmissibility / Admissibility

Inadmissibility is a serious matter that can jeopardize the ability of foreign nationals and permanent residents to live, work, visit, or study in Canada. Our practitioners at Cougar have significant experience representing individuals who have been found inadmissible by assisting them throughout their admissibility hearings or subsequent appeals.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

A Temporary Resident Permit, also known as a TRP, is a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that allows people who are technically inadmissible to Canada to visit the country. A TRP is only given to a person if they need to come to Canada to outweighs the risk of that person being in the country.


Our practitioners at Cougar have the knowledge and the experience to prepare your refugee appeal and to provide effective and vigorous representation before the Refugee Appeal Division and the Federal Court.

Biometrics Requirements

Canada's expanded biometrics requirements mean everyone interested in applying for a visitor visa, work or study permit, a permanent residence visa or claiming refugee/asylum status will need to review whether or not they are required to submit biometrics (fingerprints and a photo).