Based in Ontario, we are a team of independent and licensed professionals, trained to practice the latest immigration law and regulations. We offer practical legal advice to individuals and their families to navigate through complex processes involved in immigrating to Canada.





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Our clients are the priority and we work hard to ensure that we exceed their expectations. This commitment to excellence is part of everything we do. Through collaboration, open and regular communication, we are responsive to our clients, respectful to one another and committed to creating a positive workplace where successes are celebrated as a team. Our passion for immigration law enables us to find innovative, pro-active solutions for the challenges that may arise throughout the immigration process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all our clients with a convenient, trustworthy and professional immigration service that is personalized and customized to their individual and specific needs. We are committed to building long-term professional relationships, providing exceptional service to our clients and developing an innovative approach to immigration law that includes the highest standards for technology, systems, and processes.




Rashmi Lakkaraju

President & Lead Immigration Practitioner

Rashmi is the founder and the lead practitioner at Cougar Immigration. She is a regulated and licensed member in good standing of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). She is also an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). 

Rashmi migrated with her parents a little more than two decades ago from the middle-east as a young child and experienced all the complexities involved in migration and settlement for newcomers and their families in Canada. After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology from York University, Rashmi started working for the Federal Government of Canada. During her time with the Federal Government, she learnt that Canada is looking to open the door to 1 million new immigrants in the next few years. Coming from an immigrant background herself,  Rashmi decided that she wanted to take up immigration as her profession formally. She wanted to help aspiring immigrants and their families in making their Canadian dream come true and help the transition to their new home as smooth as possible. To achieve that, Rashmi completed a Canadian Immigration Law diploma from Herzing College and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Practitioner. Her ultimate goal is to be an Immigration & Criminal Defence Attorney regulated by the Canadian Bar Association and therefore is a Juris Doctor candidate at the prestigious Queen's University Law School in Ontario. 

Rashmi is skilled in Immigration Law, Legal Writing, Immigration Policy, Legal Research, and exclusively practices Canadian immigration law. This focus allows her to stay abreast of the constantly changing laws and policies that affect clients. She handles all types of immigration cases, including business immigration, family immigration, deportation and removal defence cases, among other types of cases. 

Clients know Cougar Immigration as a team that has their best interests in mind and will do what it takes to "make it happen"!

Our Management Team


Raji Rao

Public Relations & Operations Head

Raji has over 20+ years of experience in the Canadian Immigration process. She specializes in helping other families achieve their dream of Canadian migration ensuring that the process is smooth and transparent.


Srikanth Koochavaram

Global Business Development Consultant

Srikanth joined Cougar Immigration as a Global Business Development Consultant and also holds the position of a Canadian Immigration Advisor. Began his professional career as Business Development Manager for an e-commerce company and later joined as a Director of Marketing for an Immigration Services firm to UK. He possesses remarkable qualifications & certifications to provide Immigration & Visa guidance. He is also a Certified Global Mobility Specialist in the areas of Relocation & Immigration. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nagpur University and a Post graduate Certificate from UK.

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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? This dream is shared by millions around the world.Make your goal of moving to Canada a reality by exploring over 80 available ways to immigrate.

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Get to study in the best educational institutions to open new doors to your future. Apart from top-quality and internationally-respected education, studying in Canada offers a route to Canadian PR status.

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Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce.You may find all the most up-to-date information on working in Canada for your particular situation.

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Canada's Business Class immigration programs are to attract individuals that have a significant ability to contribute to the Canadian economy and bettering the job market by individuals from outside Canada.

Legal Help

Rashmi is an accomplished Immigration practitioner, graduated from York University, is skilled in Immigration Law, Legal Writing, Immigration Policy, Legal Research and exclusively practices Canadian immigration law.

Criminality - Admissibility

Rashmi's significant experience representing individuals who have been found inadmissible by assisting them throughout their admissibility hearings or subsequent appeals, from the jeopardy of Inadmissability

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